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Help us promote awareness of the benefits of proper management of Colorado’s riparian areas. Support and communicate the importance of riparian areas to those who need to know!

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We'd Love to Meet You

The CRA co-hosts the Sustaining Colorado's Watersheds Conference, Stream Restoration Network events, and offers many more ways to connect with others in the field.

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About the Colorado Riparian Association

The Colorado Riparian Association is actively working to study, design, and implement the best in riparian management and improvement practices. We are an engaged group of practitioners, policymakers, academics, and community members who are taking an active role in Colorado’s watershed health. Throughout the year we host and participate in a wide variety of events and you can often find our members out in the field, behind the lecturer’s podium, in the state capitol, or throwing a line in our waders.

Our group might be diverse, but we are committed to a single cause:

Our Mission

To promote the conservation, restoration, and preservation of Colorado’s riparian areas and wetlands.

Our Goals

To foster a practical and scientific understanding of riparian areas and wetlands in Colorado.

To promote sound management of riparian areas and wetlands in Colorado through demonstration and education.

To promote communication and coordination among all people interested in riparian areas and wetlands in Colorado.